Advertising on and sub sites

Advertising Information utilizes role based advertising. What this means is that you advertise to a focused audience that you select. will have many iterations for subject specific logging and if you want to only advertise to the audience that has a need for you products then this is perfect for you. Advertise in a space where our users are here because of using and needing products like yours!

One of our premium options is called Sidekick, if you are trying to create a campaign that seems integrated with the site this option is perfect for you. Sidekick will slide in an exit-able overlay with your information or products as if they were part of our site, they can then go back to the site functions they were using or continue on to your website!


We have multiple display options for your advertisement.

  • Ads can be global or only on specified devices (PC, Cellular, Etc.)
  • You can rent either the Primary spot or Secondary, or both. Primary will always appear first at page load and will start rotation through secondary in 45 second increments.
  • Customize your ad campaign!
    • Every location on every page is specified so you can not only advertise your company but can highlight specific products giving the illusion that your campaign is part of the site.
    • You can use different links to different landing pages for individual items advertised on the site.
    • Utilize primary and secondary campaigns along with specific items throughout the site to provide an informative ad campaign to our viewers.
  • Different effects available when using multiple advertisements in primary and secondary mode, and some are available for a single mode. (Please not that the type of advertising effect may have an impact on pricing, please see the pricing structure at the end of this page)
    • Simple Image.
    • Popover
      • Popover or “popup” banner has two media : primary and secondary media. When a user clicks on the
        primary media, the secondary media will display.
    • Image Slider
      • Image slider is the same as simple image but a left and right arrow will appear for manual rotation and
        this zone will not rotate automatically.
    • Ads Block
      • If you want multiple columns ads, this zone is the best solution.
    • Float
      • A sticky zone : Available for the bottom or top banner depending on aesthetics. This will keep your advertisement on the page at all times.
    • Sidekick
      • Sidekick has two media : primary and secondary media. When a user clicks on the primary media, the
        secondary media will kick from a side.

Custom Graphics

Use artwork you currently are using for your add campaigns or work with us to design artwork for you advertisements on

(Note:m Additional charges for custom art work)

Full Ad Reports will provide full reports monthly or on request based on your type of advertisement purchased…

Impressions and clicks graph…



Impressions pie chart showing which pages received the most impressions…


Bar chart showing the impressions and click through by page and area on the page…


Pricing model