Crisis Readiness and Response Planning

Ithaca College is focused on supporting the wellbeing and welfare of its understudies, personnel, staff, and guests. The school keeps up a crisis reaction arrange for that was created as per proper laws, controls and strategies that oversee emergency/crisis readiness.

The Emergency Response Plan is referenced at whatever point a characteristic or initiated circumstance happens that undermines the security or notoriety of the school, its understudies, workforce, or staff. The Plan is intended to augment human survival and protection of property, limit peril, reestablish typical tasks of the College, and guarantee responsive correspondences with the network.

The Core Emergency Response Team routinely refreshes the Emergency Response Plan, executes emergency reenactments to enhance reaction times and procedures, and assesses best practices in the field.

The arrangement takes after the National Incident Management System rules made by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and is adaptable to suit circumstances of various kinds, extents, and span including yet not constrained to:

  • Dynamic shooter circumstances
  • Prisoner circumstances
  • Bomb dangers
  • Serious climate conditions
  • Fire or risky materials
  • Suspicious letters and bundles

It is unequivocally suggested that all Ithaca College understudies, personnel, and staff agree to accept the school’s Emergency Notification System to get time-touchy data and headings amid crises.

Guests to grounds might be cautioned to grounds occurrences or crises by the Outdoor Warning System. Furthermore, the school’s landing page at will dependably be refreshed with any related data.


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