Daily Crime and Fire Log

The accompanying data is given in consistence the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Statistics Act [20 USC 1092(f)].

The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management (Public Safety) keeps up a day by day wrongdoing log posting all violations answered to Public Safety that happened on grounds, in or on non-grounds structures or property, or on open property promptly neighboring and available from the grounds or inside the watch purview of Public Safety.

The log records the date, time revealed, time happened, general area, and air of the grievance if this data is known at the time the log is made. Certain data may incidentally be withheld to ensure a casualty or keep up the honesty of an in-advance criminal examination.

The every day wrongdoing log is accessible for open investigation amid typical business hours at Public Safety or whenever on the web. Moreover, Public Safety keeps up an every day fire log which records all grounds understudy lodging fires, including the nature, date, time and general area of each fire that happened on grounds inside any of the school gave private offices.

The day by day wrongdoing log and every day fire log are joined into one record entitled Daily Crime and Fire Log. We have additionally joined the Annual Security Report and Annual Fire Report (to incorporate wrongdoing and fire insights) into one production entitled Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.


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