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SAR K9 Training Log
Type of Training:                              Note:

Name: Chris Rudolph     Dog Name: Storm     Team: Not yet listed

Training Date: April 25, 2015         Time Start: 10:30 AM         Time Stop: 10:45 AM      Total Time: 0.15 hours

Location: Glenn Park Stroudsburg, Pa          Terrain: light wilderness


Wind Speed: 4          Wind Direction: North East

Temperature: 55F

Source/Subject 1: Lou Espinosa hat                Source/Subject 2:


Start at scent article. Dog began to work scent came to Y on trail and dog circled to find scent. Dog took left side of trail and work approximately 1/4 of a mile. Dog showing interest downhill of trail. Dog showed interest twice downhill from trail. Dog lifted his nose off the trail. Worked past where subject was finally found. Worked back towards where dog was indicating downhill. Dog located subject.


Subject located


handler ignored dog