Register above for free, to try the beta test system,  See the new look and many new added features and send us your comments.

SARLOGS.CO a division of PROLOGS.CO is a training certificate and logbook repository created specifically for SAR, POLICE, EMA, EMS, FIRE, CERT, CART and other public safety or public works agencies. Mission and Task logs will be added in the near future  This service can be used for any emergency services or other organization or companies that need a log reporting and viewing system, contact us today if you need specific forms for your type of organization. Contact us with the form below for more information…

SAR teams can test the BETA system now at no charge and make comments, on it’s design and use,  as we work out the bugs and add new features. Just register for free and try it out and please send us some feedback.  All beta testers will receive there first 3 months for free.

The basic system will have 4 levels of access were you can let your team, state SAR organization or national organization have access to basic information to track your status, training hours, mission hours, expiration dates and CEU credits. K9 handlers can track their dog’s (or more than one) training activities.  All logs and certificates are stored our commercial hosted servers with system backups running every 6 hours protecting your  250MB of storage. Additional space will be available for additional fee.

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOUR BETA version data may be erased when the system goes live in the next few weeks, we hope that will not have to happen.


SO WHATS THE COST  you tell us,  were looking at a monthly fee in the $5 month range for the base plan (w/250MB storage) and organization registration will be based on special needs but is expected to be less than $100 a year.

What about AD’s  Yes on the base plan there will be a few small related sponsor ads to keep the cost to you the user down as low as we can a very limited AD  subscription will be offered soon.


User agreements are coming but in general, this service is provided as a cloud based system, interruption in Internet, system/equipment failures, are beyond our control are not the responsibility of PROLOGS.CO.  All efforts and design is made to secure your data for theft or lose due to storage failure, user are responsible to keep additional paper or local backups of their logs and certificates, as they may deem needed, as a backup to a worst case system scenario.  Registration on this system is an acceptance of these terms and limitations.


Use the form below for questions or support thank you. support team.

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